“Great to work with. Found the perfect position for my skill set.” – Attorney placed in-house by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy provided strong candidate choices in a timely manner and was exceptionally easy to work with.” – Sr. Talent Acquisition Consultant who worked with Newman Hawkins to place Assistant General Counsel

“Nancy spent a while talking to me about my life and tried to find a place that she knew would fit with my lifestyle (instead of just finding a candidate that fit the job descriptions).” – Assistant General Counsel placed in-house by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy gave excellent and relevant advice regarding interviewing and the companies that I was interested in. Nancy knows her industry and I believe is a good advocate for prospective candidates.” – Attorney placed in-house by Newman Hawkins

“Excellent communications. Nancy does a great job of managing the process and providing valuable advice.” – Associate General Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Quality candidates, great follow up.” – Shareholder who worked with Newman Hawkins to place Associate

“Extremely professional throughout the whole process. Quality of candidates minimized the amount of time to sift through the resumes as candidate skill sets were well matched with requirements of the position. Candidates were well prepared.” – Public Company General Counsel

“Nancy is unique in her personalized service. She has long relationships with companies as well as candidates. This is beneficial for both parties in finding a perfect fit.” – Vice President, Legal placed In-House by Newman Hawkins.

“She is consistently kind, knowledgeable, and encouraging. She is a joy to work with. If you are searching for a new job in the legal field, call Nancy Newman.” – Attorney placed at law firm by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is very responsive and completely understands the needs of her clients.” – Managing Partner who worked with Newman Hawkins to place Associate

“Nancy’s hands-on approach is unique among recruiters I have worked with. Nancy also takes her reputation very seriously, resulting in Nancy taking a very tailored approach to a job search.

Nancy’s knowledge of the Detroit legal market is unparalleled. Nancy is also widely known and well respected among attorneys in Detroit. As such, she is THE recruiter to work with for opportunities in Detroit.” – Attorney placed reduced time at law firm by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy’s communication throughout the entire process was great.” – Shareholder who worked with Newman Hawkins to place Associate

“I’ve worked with a number of recruiters over the years, but Nancy is simply the best. Nancy spends time getting to know her clients and their experience and it shows in the opportunities that are presented. I feel as though I’ve been a good fit for all of the opportunities she has brought me which can only be a benefit in terms of finding a suitable position. It does not matter ultimately how many positions you apply for if you’re not a good fit for any of them – Nancy does an amazing job of sifting through those opportunities and finding the ones that are a fit for you.” – Deputy General Counsel placed In-House by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is extremely responsive and takes a sincere interest in matching the right lawyer with the right employer. Highly recommend!” – General Counsel who worked with Newman Hawkins to place In-House Counsel.

“Nancy tells it like it is. She is looking to make a great fit and she’ll tell you if she has qualms about an opportunity being the right one for the candidate.

Nancy is amazing to work with. She’s knowledgeable, connected, warm, and always enthusiastic. You’re in great hands working with Nancy.” – Associate General Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy took the time to meet with me and provided solid advice on discussing certain topics in an interview. She was not pushy at all and only contacted me about positions she knew I would be interested in. Nancy is very professional yet personable. She is very interested in finding a job that reflects your career goals.” – Attorney placed in-house by Newman Hawkins

“To me the most important things from a search firm are the quality of the candidates and the faith I have in the recruiter’s market knowledge and ethical comportment. Nancy is tops in both areas.” – Director of Professional Personnel/Recruitment at large prestigious law firm

“I had not previously worked with a recruiter, but I was impressed with Nancy’s overall, upbeat demeanor and her patience with the process. I was often not ready or interested in making a move, and she always handled my feedback objectively, without giving up on me as a potential candidate. She was also not at all pushy, which I appreciated.

Nancy is the utmost professional. She seems to genuinely be interested in finding the right fit for both the candidate and company. She is also a tremendous resource through the process of making a move.” – Equity Partner placed in-house by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is very personable. I think she tries to really get to know the candidate so that she can make the best recommendations on opportunities …” – Senior-level law firm attorney placed in-house by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is one of those rare professionals who is an expert at her job. I could not have been happier with the amount of communication, the professionalism, and the advice. Top notch. I had the best experience with Nancy. She’s professional, caring, and smart. There is a reason that she’s so well respected in the legal community here.” – In-House Global Head of Litigation placed by Newman Hawkins

“I haven’t worked with another legal recruiter before, so I don’t have a clear basis for comparison, but Nancy was extremely helpful, responsive, open with her thoughts and advice, and knowledgeable about the Michigan legal market. She was an advocate on my behalf when we were trying to push the process forward, while also not being afraid to tell me when to pump the breaks and let things play out. It’s hard for me to imagine how a legal recruiter could have been more helpful and effective than Nancy.” – Associate relocated to Michigan and placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is excellent at listening to the client and understanding the right qualities for the candidate they are seeking. She is extremely responsive and professional.” General Counsel who worked with Newman Hawkins to place Corporate Counsel

“Nancy is very well-connected and respected in her industry. She is always honest and realistic in her approach and guidance regarding potential positions.” – Deputy General Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy asks great questions and does the legwork up front to determine the candidates who are most likely to be a good fit, which saves a lot of time.” – Hiring Partner who worked with Newman Hawkins to locate litigator

“Nancy is easy to communicate with. Very responsive.” – Attorney placed at boutique law firm by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is very well connected in the legal industry. She always seems to have the right type of candidate ready to go.” – In-House Recruiter who worked with Newman Hawkins to locate In-House Senior Transactional Attorney

“I don’t have any [recruiting] experience with which to compare to this one, but I really can’t imagine it being any better. Nancy anticipated questions and offered advice I wasn’t even thinking of.” – In-House Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is the best of the best for placements in the Michigan market. Her network of candidates is national, but she treats us as if we were her only client.” Director of Attorney Development and Recruitment at a large prestigious law firm.

“Nancy was a fantastic resource who worked very diligently to place me somewhere that worked for me based on my unique needs and experience and was responsive to my needs and concerns at every step of the process.” – Associate placed by Newman Hawkins

“Our search was in a very specialized area within our Legal department and Nancy was able to bring different levels of professionals. Communications were very positive and proactive.” – General Counsel who worked with Newman Hawkins to locate Senior Counsel

“Nancy’s attentiveness and local connections are unique. Nancy worked to find the right position for me, and the entire process was very easy.” – Attorney placed In-House by Newman Hawkins

“I really liked the face to face interview preparation.” – Attorney placed at Mid-Sized Law Firm by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy personalizes the process for both the firm and the candidate. She does her homework and works hard to facilitate the process in every way possible.” – Director of Legal Recruiting who worked with Newman Hawkins to locate Associate

“I found Nancy to be observant when we met in person. I say that because she provided targeted advice in later interviews based on her observation, which I found helpful in landing the job.

I first spoke with Nancy several years prior to my placement with my current corporate employer. I then moved on to an associate position with a law firm without the assistance of a recruiter. When Nancy and I first spoke, I was told “I do not have anything that fits your qualifications right now, but I will keep your resume handy and call you if anything comes up.” Frankly, I thought that was a polite way of telling me she wasn’t going to help or that she did not think my qualifications were good. I was pleasantly mistaken however. Approximately two years later, after Nancy called me out of the blue, and with Nancy’s assistance, I got what could be the best job in town. Nancy keeps her word.” – Law firm attorney placed in-house as Corporate Counsel by Newman Hawkins

“I was very pleased with the service I received and the quality of applicants.” – General Counsel who worked with Newman Hawkins to locate company’s Assistant General Counsel

“Nancy is insightful and has a lot of knowledge about the Detroit market. She also has a very likeable demeanor. Most recruiters I have met were very pushy and I appreciated that Nancy never was. Nancy makes the recruiting process, which is inherently stressful, much easier to navigate. She is great at keeping you informed and staying in touch. She also gives incredibly helpful and insightful advice. It was a pleasure to work with her!” – Associate Counsel placed in-house by Newman Hawkins

“There is no doubt that Nancy had more success than any other recruiter I worked with – she landed me a fantastic position. Always kind, supportive, and professional. Perhaps the top in-house legal recruiter in Michigan.” – Assistant General Counsel placed in-house by Newman Hawkins

“It seems Nancy knows everyone in the Metro Detroit market. She mentioned several firms to me that I’d never heard of. I’m glad she did, because now I work for one of them! Nancy is knowledgeable, kind, and responsive. She kept me up to date regarding every hiring decision and every step in the interview process. You’ll never feel like you’re hanging on the line.” – Attorney placed in mid-sized law firm by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy used her expertise to provide a list of excellent candidate options quickly – well beyond what my more lengthy search could have unearthed.  Nancy listened closely to my needs, my “story,” and my suggestions, helping me focus in on the best plan for me and for my company.”  – In-House Counsel client who engaged Newman Hawkins to locate Corporate Counsel

“Nancy was wonderful to work with. Our situation was unique and didn’t necessarily require her to take the time to get to know me but she did anyway.  She is wonderful and I would recommend her to everyone and anyone.  She’s fantastic.  Look no further for your recruiter.”  – Compliance Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy never pushed her own agenda.  She listened to what I wanted and gave thoughtful advice based on what she understood to be my goals.”  – Law Firm Attorney placed in-house as Corporate Counsel by Newman Hawkins

“I was very impressed that Nancy took the time to meet me in person before suggesting opportunities for me. Really shows her commitment and personal touch. Nancy is extremely knowledgeable about the market, and really is an advocate for the candidate. Nancy’s the best! — Associate placed by Newman Hawkins

“I like working with Nancy because she is always candid and forthright in giving me advice. I am confident that she has our firm’s best interest in mind when making a recommendation.” — Recruiting Partner, Lateral Hiring

“Nancy gave really great advice in guiding me through the process. I would recommend her to anyone.” — Senior Associate placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy listens closely to your needs in conducting her search and is always available and responsive.” — General Counsel who worked with Newman Hawkins to locate corporation’s Corporate Counsel

“Nancy is “boutique” in placement and recruiting. She takes the additional time to know her candidates and maintains relationships with the companies that seek her assistance. It’s not a race to placement, but finding the right “fit.” Nancy provides appropriate feedback and coaching that aids in the success of placements. With Nancy, I didn’t feel like another resume added to the growing pile, I felt like an individual with unique skill to be matched with the appropriate organization. — Corporate Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy’s market knowledge is unparalleled. Nancy is excellent at finding opportunities. Most importantly, she is focused on finding the right opportunity for each candidate.” —North American Legal Director placed by Newman Hawkins

“Presented very qualified candidates based on our specific request. Also had the industry insight to bring in candidates that weren’t exactly what we originally asked for, but was who we ended up hiring.” — Operating Partner, worked with Newman Hawkins to locate company’s Chief Compliance Officer/General Counsel

“Nancy has a great pool of candidates. She can always be counted on to provide candidates that exceed your expectation.” — General Counsel, worked with Newman Hawkins to locate company’s Assistant General Counsel

“Very personalized experience. Keen insight. Excellent service and overall experience.” –Vice President, Deputy General Counsel — Litigation placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy had great insight about the particular company and people I was meeting with. She got me a great/dream position and they were easy to work with.” — General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is truly interested in finding the right candidate for the job and the right job for the candidate.” — Assistant General Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Attention to detail and exceptional communication with client.” — Senior Legal Counsel placed in-house by Newman Hawkins

“I liked that Nancy was there for me in terms of not only finding my new position, but also in gracefully exiting from my old position. Her sage advice proved to be very useful. Nancy is 100% professional, extremely responsive, and very savvy in terms of the legal market and her knowledge of the practice and what it requires. This is invaluable for a job-seeker looking for the right fit.” — General Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy was great at keeping me informed as to the latest developments in the search and hiring process and always available to talk. Also, I believe she has superior market connections compared to other recruiters in the Detroit market.” — In-House Legal Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“I had not worked with a recruiter before but Nancy was fantastic. She explained everything clearly, had relevant insights, and was helpful with advice. She makes an actual effort, keeps you informed, and works “with” you. You feel like you are not just a number.” — Associate who relocated to Michigan, placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is very thorough and is in constant communication with updates and information. Nancy works very hard and is an advocate for her candidates.” — In-House Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Very professional, kept me informed during the process and provided excellent advice. I highly recommend Nancy for a Legal Search.” — Senior Level In-House Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy takes the time to get to know both the candidates and the employers and is careful to find the right fit for both parties. Unlike some recruiters, Nancy has actual connections at employers with openings and is not simply blindly submitting resumes to publicly posted openings.” — Placed as General Counsel by Newman Hawkins

“Top notch. Nancy is knowledgeable and discrete. She kept me updated regularly throughout the entire process. Local knowledge and access to excellent in-house opportunities. — In-House Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Having a lawyer doing the search is a key advantage.” — Senior Director-Human Resources, worked with Newman Hawkins to locate company’s General Counsel

“Nancy has great contacts in the legal market and can often present opportunities that may not be public. She was always available to talk, would regularly check-in on her own, and just generally helpful.” — General Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Regional knowledge is excellent and was very helpful.” — Partner placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is the first recruiter that I have interacted with who genuinely cared about what was best for me and my career growth. The process was awesome. No stress, no worries, Nancy took care of everything and kept me well informed during the process.” — Associate General Counsel placed by Newman Hawkins

“Attentive and responsible/well informed/very ethical.” — Vice President and General Counsel

“Nancy was more personable and kept me more updated than other recruiters I have worked with in the past.” — Associate placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is very personable and ready to give advice whenever needed.” — Senior Level Attorney placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is an unparalleled recruiter. Nancy is extremely professional, and has the best interest of the candidate in mind. Rather than trying to shoe-horn a candidate into a position, she is extremely respectful of requests and is very frank and candid with candidates about potential positions. She is extremely genuine and very accessible. Additionally, Nancy is very familiar with the market and shares that knowledge with candidates to better inform them of what to expect. If you’re interested in looking into the Michigan legal market, there isn’t a better resource than Nancy. Not only is she a delight to work with, but she has the respect of Michigan’s leading legal institutions.” — Associate Attorney placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy takes the time to evaluate the strengths of each individual candidate and to develop an appropriate recruitment strategy. Her primary goal is to place each candidate in a position that will be beneficial to both employer and employee. She is diligent, reliable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.” — Senior Level Attorney placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy is incredibly knowledgeable about the legal market in southeastern Michigan, and she provides excellent advice on how to navigate the market effectively in order to maximize recruitment opportunities.” — Senior Level Attorney placed by Newman Hawkins

“I have always found Nancy Newman to be professional, dedicated and uniquely knowledgeable about the Michigan legal market. In addition to appreciating the candidates personal long term goals, she is also able to candidly asses and discuss each individual’s interests, values and experience. Nancy provides realistic guidance to focus the search as only a seasoned, well experienced recruiter can do.” — Senior Counsel, Global Supplier placed by Newman Hawkins

“Nancy distinguished herself in her ability to listen and discern the prospective employer’s needs and to communicate in precise terms what the employer was looking for. As a result, notwithstanding the fact that I had interviewed minimally over the previous 15+ years, I felt very well-prepared and confident in my responses throughout a rigorous four-month interviewing process. I could not have been happier with Nancy’s services. Thanks Nancy!” — Director-Legal, Fortune 500 Company placed by Newman Hawkins

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Nancy since she recruited me for Miro Weiner & Kramer in 1992. Since then, her efforts in recruiting on positions I have been affiliated with has been exceptional. In every conversation, Nancy is engaging, energized and displays an unparalleled expertise in the Michigan legal market. Her commitment to finding the best candidate for her client and her available network of talented professionals makes her the first person someone should call when they want to start a legal search in Michigan.” — Regional Counsel

“I have known Nancy since my earlier days at Butzel Long. We considered her to be the ‘recruiter of the stars.’ In other words, Nancy always attracted the brightest and best candidates. Since that time she has not only placed me in a position, but has assisted numerous friends in finding an ideal match. She is among the most ethical and professional recruiters that I know. She genuinely cares for all parties concerned. She would rather walk away from a deal, than force it through, if anyone is less than totally comfortable. The rest of the legal profession would benefit from being more ‘Nancy like.'” — General Counsel