Frequently Asked Questions


Can Newman Hawkins assist me if I am a law student or recent law school graduate?

No. Typically, law students and recent law school graduates do not use the services of legal recruiters. We strongly recommend that students and new graduates utilize the services of their law school placement office. Quite frankly, law firms and corporations are very reluctant to pay a recruiting fee for the hiring of a new graduate with no experience. Also, they do not look to recruiters to fill summer associate positions.

Most law schools have a dean and staff who work with students, new graduates and alumni to develop cover letters and resumes. Law schools also have web sites posting job openings for their students and alumni. If you are coming to Michigan from out of state, you may wish to contact a local law school to determine how to obtain reciprocity to utilize their placement services.

Once you have secured your first job, please feel free to let us know where to find you so that we can let you know about opportunities in the future. We wish you much success in your search for your first legal position.

Can Newman Hawkins assist me if I am interested in a part-time/independent contractor or temporary staffing position?

Yes, as a result of popular demand from our clients, Newman Hawkins also provides well-credentialed independent contractors/contract attorneys to fill corporate law department or law firm temporary or reduced time needs.

Is there any cost for using Newman Hawkins Legal Search’s services?

No, our service is free for our candidates. Fees are paid by the hiring employer upon the successful completion of a placement. You incur no financial obligation for career planning, consultation services or for any direct assistance in your employment search.

Can you assist me in locating an attorney position outside of Michigan?

Yes. If you seek to relocate, we will be happy to refer you to a trusted recruiter in another city.

Why should I choose to work with Newman Hawkins Legal Search?

Our firm allows you to confidentially search for an opportunity in your area of expertise. Newman Hawkins is often the first to learn of available attorney positions as many of our clients prefer not to advertise. We offer guidance regarding your resume, assist you in preparing for the interview and give you insight into the employer. What distinguishes our services is the personal insight, access and knowledge we possess of the employers. Not only does our firm promote you to the employer but we assist you in getting answers to difficult questions. We also coordinate the interview process and provide you feedback, when available, on your interview.

Your resume is only submitted for a position after receiving your express permission. We do not “blanket” our employer clients with resumes. We send only those resumes which meet specific criteria to ensure that resumes presented by our firm are given serious attention.

You control which employers may review your resume. Additionally, we regularly remind our employer clients of a candidate’s confidentiality. Throughout the search, we are focused on protecting the confidentiality of all parties.

Since 1989, Newman Hawkins has been a member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants, adhering to the highest ethical standards in the legal search industry.